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Robert Sims in his snappy hat


Welcome to my website. My name is Robert Sims and I write music. This site contains my finished compositions for you to peruse and purchase. Please enjoy, and drop me a line if you feel like saying hello.


Tribes Cover
Written for Horn Choir

Tribes depicts the war like nature of an ancient people.  Battle and Flight, Anguish and Judgement, Hope and Pain.  A cycle bound to repeat and a lesson not yet learnt.

Prayer for the earth cover
Written for Trombone Choir

Prayer for the Earth is a single movement work written for an 8 piece Trombone Choir.  It requires a good team of high and low players with sounds that blend and a keen sense of rhythm and...

Fanfare for Seven Cover
Written for Brass Septet

This piece is a simple fanfare readily accessible to any orchestral brass section.  It is written in a melodic context rather than a straight fanfare.Commercial RecordingsFanfare for Seven has...

Landscapes Cover
Written for Large Brass Ensemble

A piece exploring the sonorities of the orchestral brass section. Chorale, contrapuntal and soloistic are words that could be used to describe this work.  Commissioned for the Queensland...