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Robert Sims in his snappy hat


Welcome to my website. My name is Robert Sims and I write music. This site contains my finished compositions for you to peruse and purchase. Please enjoy, and drop me a line if you feel like saying hello.



Flavours Cover

Latest Music

Written for Brass Quartet

I enjoy the flavour of many different types of food. This is a piece which explores those tastes and sensations in a musical way.  Hot and steamy, luscious dark chocolate textures and fresh...

Tribes Cover
Written for Horn Choir

Tribes depicts the war like nature of an ancient people.  Battle and Flight, Anguish and Judgement, Hope and Pain.  A cycle bound to repeat and a lesson not yet learnt.

A City is Born Cover
Written for Brass Band

A City is Born was written for the Bunbury City Band 2014 Composition Competition. The work depicts the development of Bunbury and the South West of Western Australia from its early beginnings...

Melba Fanfare Cover
Written for Four Trumpets

The Melba Fanfare was commissioned by Victorian Opera in 2008 and performed in the great hall at the National Gallery of Victoria.  This bright, little fanfare was written for a Dame Nellie...

Winter's End Cover
Written for Trumpet and Piano

A petite rhapsody for Trumpet and Piano. Written for advanced players to use in recital or performance.

Prayer for the earth cover
Written for Trombone Choir

Prayer for the Earth is a single movement work written for an 8 piece Trombone Choir.  It requires a good team of high and low players with sounds that blend and a keen sense of rhythm and...

Penthorn Cover
Written for Solo Horn

Penthorn was originally written as an unaccompanied piece for Solo Horn and was later adapted for Brass Quintet.  As such Penthorn can be performed unaccompanied or with the Brass...

Morning Bells Cover
Written for Concert Band

This piece celebrates many of the wonderful nursery rhymes we all remember from our childhood woven together with some of my music.  Nursery rhymes featured: 3 Blind Mice London Bridge...

Quiet Reflections Cover
Written for Bass Trombone and Piano

Quiet Reflections is a lyrical solo work written for Bass Trombone. The piece is intended for recital performance and as such features a melodically dominant Trombone part. The piece requires...

Short and suite Cover
Written for Brass Trio and Drum Kit

Short and Suite was commissioned for the ACE Brass trio for use in their education concerts.  The suite was created for school performances and consists of 5 short pieces written to engage...

Bakers Dozen Cover
Written for Four Trumpets in Bb

These fanfares were written as part of my work in secondary education over many years. They can be used for ceremonial occasions, entrances of dignitaries, or to begin a concert or special event....


Welcome to my music page.  This is a list of all my finished pieces.  Click on a work to see more information and purchasing details.

My name is Robert Sims and I am a Musician, Teacher and Composer based in Melbourne. 

Robert Sims writes for: Brass Quintets, Brass Trios,  Brass Bands,  Fanfares, Trumpet and Organ

Robert Sims writes solo works for: Trumpet, Trombone, Horn, Tuba