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Welcome to my website. My name is Robert Sims and I write music. This site contains my finished compositions for you to peruse and purchase. Please enjoy, and drop me a line if you feel like saying hello.


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New Music

Sonata No. 1. Written for Horn and Tuba.
Written for Tuba & Horn

The piece is written in roughly Sonata form with 3 different movements finishing with a rollicking dance. It aims to show off all the sounds of both intruments from high to low,strong and...

Scandal. Written for Brass Band. Composed by Robert Sims
Written for Brass Band

“Scandal” is a piece written with the ideas of intrigue, conflict, turmoil and resolution.  These concepts can be reflected in human existence from our historic past to modern day news...

Robert Sims: Musician, Teacher, Composer

G'Day. Welcome to my website. My name is Robert Sims and I write music. This site contains my finished compositions for you to peruse and purchase. Please enjoy, and drop me line a if you feel like saying hello.

About Robert Sims

Robert began his career as second trumpet in the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (1976 - 1990) and has had a wealth of experience playing in all genres from orchestral to big bands, films, commercials and chamber ensembles recently working with Orchestra Victoria, The Australian Pops Orchestra and Cathedral Brass.

Robert developed his love for brass instruments playing cornet in the Hyde Street Band at the age of 8 and playing with the Footscray and Yarraville Brass Band.  He studied trumpet with Mervyn Simpson at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Music in 1977.  Robert was a member of the MSO from 1976 to 1990, he then moved to pursue teaching and writing, initially at Haileybury College and finally the VCA.  He held the position of Head of Brass at the Victorian College of the Arts from 1993 until 2008.

As an experienced brass educator specializing in trumpet he has contributed to the music programs at Monash University, Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, Victorian College of the Arts as well as other tertiary institutions around the country.

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Robert Sims' Composition

Robert began composition at a very early age making up little tunes on the piano and at a later stage writing them down as he learnt to write music. His music was always melodically based and that tends to underpin the way that he go about his composition. Robert has formal training in harmony, counterpoint, rhythm and music history from the University of Melbourne, however his strongest assets come from his experience as a professional player. He has had the good fortune of working with orchestras, big bands and an assortment of ensembles in classical and commercial spheres and has been able to listen and learn from the greatest composers, writers and arrangers.

Robert specialises in composition for brass and small ensemble, constructing works for advanced players that are technically intricate, musically complex and written specifically with the brass sound in mind. He has also written a few pieces included in the AMEB syllabus for Tuba, Trombone and Euphonium.

Stylistically, while Rober always aims to mould his music to suit the nature of the work or musicians that he is writing for, He tends to gravitate towards lyrical melodic lines and enjoy experimenting with a combination of consonant and dissonant harmony.

Robert Sims' Commission Work

Robert mostly writes for himself, but he also creates original works and arrangements on commssion.

Robert really enjoys writing for musicians or groups through commissions as it tends to focus his thoughts and provide him with a time line to work towards. Many great ideas have flowed from research into the requirements of commission work.

Robert has worked with both individuals and organisations including Victorian Opera, Melbourne Brass Ensemble, Ars Musica Australis, the Essendon Football Club and the Australian government. He has also worked with numerous schools, churches and professional musicians.

Robert tends to be quite flexible with his approach to commissioned projects and has no set rules for how he works. Every client has unique needs and he tries to cater for them wherever possible.  He does however like to consult over the phone, at least initially, so that he can really understand what is required before he starts work on a project.

To start the conversation about commissioning a piece you can contact me via my online contact form.